We intend to become a trusted company by putting our priority on quality
I should like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our partners, customers, collaborative scientists, professors, doctors, pharmacists and veterinarians for their continued support and patronage. HANVET has been concentrating on the management philosophy which emphasizes innovation and quality, despite the recent chaos seen in the local business environment.

During our first 10 years as a state-owned company, we tried our best to build and strengthen our reputation, with an average growth of 35% per year from a starting point of nothing - no capital, no assets, no factory, no skilled workers and no market. After the privatization in 1999, we successfully built and have been operating a 400,000 m2 GMP-WHO factory with a workfoce of 500 people. Empowered over the past 25 years, we are writing a new history of innovation and challenges for the next 25 years to become a trusted company for both local and international stakeholders.

We recognize it as our obligation to protect health – both for animals and humans.
Humans can be infected and seriously hampered by diseases in farm animals. To improve the protection potential of the farms is to create a better living environment for people. Recognizing it as our obligation, we are working hard each day to build and develop new methods of detecting and combating new bacterial strains as well as to prevent the spread of ever-mutating viral strains. Our insecticide Hantox 200 3EW was chosen by the Ministry of Health for the national prevention of dengue fever for several years.

I should greatly appreciate it if you would continue to show your interest in a partnership with us to support our efforts to meet the challenges of change.

Thank you.
Dr. Nguyen Huu Vu
Chairman and General Director of HANVET