Since the first day established, our traditional culture of 3C, which means “Creativity-Community-Compassion”, has dominated our corporate vision and working style. It has been nurtured for over the past 25 years and grown up in the heart of each member of HANVET. We love, share, support and move with each other for mutual benefits and for further values towards the disadvantaged part of our society.

Underlying our long-term vision of becoming a leader in the local industry is our desire to constantly learn and work creatively. For recent years, we have maintained a scientific research contest for our pharmacists to submit their ideas of creating new formulations to improve the existing products, as well as to build and develop the new ones. We are also boosting up our international cooperations with other global leaders in the veterinary industry to have the modern production lines transferred, aiming at reducing cost and enhancing quality.

HANVET employs people from a variety of educational backgrounds, men and women, young people and experienced individuals… It is a company that manages this diversity as an opportunity for all to develop under a spirit of unity and hamonization. Community controls our good behaviours between persons-to-persons, persons-to-animals and persons-to-envrionment.

We offer people a working environment based on mutual commitment and support. Commitment can enable long-lasting relationship; and build a robust, enriching working life while Support could bring us getting closer for better achievements. We do not only care for our colleagues, we are excitedly participating in a variety of charitable programs such as “Nối vòng tay lớn” (The great circle of Vietnam), “Tết cho người nghèo” (Tet for the poors) and “Mùa xuân cho em” (A spring for children) among others. In addition, the company often call for support and donation from all members to provide assistance to victims of natural disasters; building charitable houses, supporting financial assistance to poor students and underprivileged families.