1998 - 2009

October 1st, 1988 - HANVET was established as a small state-owned factory managed by two successful experienced veterinarians: Dr. Nguyen Huu Vu, Chairman and General Director and Dr. Nguyen Duc Luu, Vice General Director.

March 18th, 1999 - HANVET took the equalisation and was renamed as Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Material joint stock company (HANVET)

2003 - HANVET applied ISO 9001 quality assurance system for a comprehensive working process.

December 15th, 2008 - HANVET was the first veterinary medicine producer in the North operating an international standardised factory with GMP-WHO certification awarded by the the Department of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

2010 - 2012

2010 - HANVET was proud to be the first local chemicals manufacturing factory having the insecticide Hantox - 200 3EW chosen by the Ministry of Health for the national programm to reduce the incidence of dengue fever.

January 12th, 2012 - HANVET continued to be the first company in the North being awarded with GMP-WHO certification for the vaccines production line. Over 200 registered products from HANVET have been distributed across Vietnam through a network of more than 1,000 agencies. Some relevant products have also been exported to many other countries including Myanmar, Bangladesh, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Republic of the Congo, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Republic of Oman and Netherlands.

2013 - 2015

October 1st, 2013 - HANVET celebrated the 25th anniversary with significant achievements in R&D and manufacturing of tailor-made therapeutic solutions. HANVET has constantly improved and diversified the product portfolio, including antibiotics injection solution/suspension, oral power/liquid, anti-parasitics, to hormones and corticosteroids, vaccines and antibodies, vitamins and minerals and insecticides, etc. In particular, the antibodies HANVET K.T.G (against Gumboro) and HANVET K.T.E (against E.Coli) have been awarded the first and the third prize in the VIFOTECH (Vietnam Innovative Technology Award) as well as many other international awards.

HANVET is also focused on social interaction and is excitedly participating in a variety of charitable programs such as “Nối vòng tay lớn” (The great circle of Vietnam), “Tết cho người nghèo” (Tet for the poor) and “Mùa xuân cho em” (A spring for children) among others. In addition, the company also continues to provide assistance to victims of natural disasters; building charitable houses, supporting financial assistance to poor students and underprivileged families.

The corporate culture of “Creativity-Community-Compassion" always dominates our corporate vision and working style. It helps bring all the enthusiastic people, who desire to learn and improve, together for innovation, love sharing and mutual support.

In 2015, HANVET became one of the first factories in Vietnam having successfully launched the GMP-certified Beta-lactam production line. In addition, various certifications from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Industry and Trade were awarded to the leaders of HANVET as the respectful token of appreciations towards HANVET's contributions for the sake of Vietnamese farmers and the local veterinary medicines manufacturing industry upgrade.