HANVET is one of the leading veterinary medicine manufacturers in Vietnam, striving to bring better health for farm animals.

We are preparing for the future based on our core values over the past 26 years

HANVET was established in 1988, when the national agriculture took the first step to an economy-based mechanism. Since the equalization undertaken in 1999, our emphasis lies in the area of maintaining farm animal health through prophylactic treatment and protection to realize potential improvement. Until now, we are one of the largest veterinary medicine manufacturers in the local industry.

At the core of our success stands the excellent workforce. With a strong team of more than 500 employees, including Professors, PhDs, experts, pharmacists, doctors, bachelors and a large number of highly skilled workers, HANVET always shares common values and common goals.

Located in an area of 40,000 m2, the modern HANVET’s GMP-WHO factory was built in accordance with the international standards of GMP, GLP and GSP with 10 GMP-certified production lines. Our portfolio includes more than 200 registered products, consisting of injectable solution, injection powder, oral powder, hormones and corticosteroids, anti-parasitic, disinfectants, vitamins and minerals, bio-products and vaccines. Not only dominating the local market with a network of over 1,000 agencies in 63 cities, some of our relevant products have also been exported to a number of countries in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Underlying our slogan “Prestige is the vitality of HANVET”, we provide a totally comprehensive choice of the high-quality products for farmers

Our business range includes:
I. Pharmaceutical products:
         1. Six (06) GMP-WHO production lines of βlactam and Non- βlactam veterinary medicine, including:
                   - Injection powder.
                   - Injectable solution and oral liquid.
                   - Oral powder, tablets and granules.
         2. Insecticides/ Disinfectants and Antiseptics:
         3. Preparations for topical use (GMP-WHO)
         4. Bio-products:
                   - Anti-bodies (GMP-WHO)
                   - Vaccines (live/attenuated and inactivated/killed) (GMP-WHO)
                   - Probiotics
II. Pet clinic system.
III. Farms:
         - Chicken, cow and swine farms.
         - Special farms for experimental animals.
IV. Hotel chain.