HANVET was one of the pioneers in the local veterinary industry putting the importance on research and development of new products. Located in an area of 400 m2, the three-floor center was built and designed to focus on developing formulations of vaccines, antibodies and probiotics at the first stage.

In addition to a workforce of 50 veterinarians, our center has also received a tremendous support from the leading experts in research and production of vaccines in the universities of pharmaceuticals and veterinary across Vietnam.

1. Vaccines production

Since 2008, we have been awarded with GMP-WHO certificates for:
   + 01 production line of inactivated vaccines.
   + 01 production line of attenuated vaccines.

Another GMP-WHO production line of live vaccines is planned to go into operation by end of 2014

Our list of vaccines:

I- Products for poultry
Newcattle Disease Vaccine, live (Strain La Sota)
≥ 106EID50/dose
Newcattle Disease Intermediate Vaccine, live (Strain Mukteswar)
≥ 106EID50/dose
Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine, live
≥ 103TCID50/dose
Pasteurella aviseptica vaccine, inactivated
~ 1010 CFU/ml
Cholera of duck vaccine, live
≥ 106PD50/dose
II- Products for pigs
Classical swine fever vaccine live (rabbit origin)
≥ 100 PD/dose
Porcin reproduction and respiratory
≥ 105TCID50/dose
Tobacoli – E.coli vaccine inactivated
~ 3.109 CFU/ml
Pasteurella suiseptica vaccine, inactivated (strain FgHC)
~ 1010 CFU/ml
Salmonallosis vaccine, inactivated  

2. Probiotics production
HANVET has carried out researches on new probiotics and successfully produced a variety of new ones such as: Lactobacillus, Enteroccocus, and Bacillus…. Based on such results, the we have launched many new probiotic products for animals and fishes, including HANLACVET, HANGOODWAY, HANSUBTYL. These products are indicated for the prevention and treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases as well as helping animals increase their body resistance and gain weights.

3. Antibodies production
HANVET is proud of creating antibodies as unique products for the company's efforts and enthusiasm. We are now offering HANVET K.T.G, HANVET K.T.V and HANVET K.T.E.

HANVET K.T.G is a sterile emulsion, containing specific antibodies against infectious bursal disease (IBD), Newcastle disease (ND) and Infectious bronchitis (IB) in chickens; that obtained from hyper-immunized hen egg-yolk. In addition, the preparation acts as a non-specific protein-therapy and increases the body’s resistance to prevent infections and secondary infections. It is safe, rapid effective treatment. HANVET K.T.G has also been recognized by the first prize of VIFOTEC 2007 for a creative bio-product and the second prize at Korean International Expo in 2007.

While HANVET K.T.V is indicated against viral hepatitis in ducks, HANVET K.T.E, which was also awarded with VIFOTEC 2007 award, is indicated against E.Coli bacteria in pigs.

4. Experimental animal farm
HANVET experimental animal farm is isolated from the manufacturing facility, consisting of 10 rooms with a total construction area of ​​220 m2. The farm is divided into two animals raising zones and a separate room designed for the virulent process. A waste water treatment system with a waste tank is also integrated