Each 100 g contains:

Sodium                        1.5 g

Potassium                    1.3 g

Protease                       5 500 IU

Enterococcus               8x109 CFU

Amylase                      900 IU

Lactobacillus               8x109 CFU

Vitamin C                   2 g

Lactose                        4.8 g

Excipient q.s.f             100 g



Target: Poultry, pigs, calves, goats, sheep…

  • Contains most important enzymes and probiotics, which improve micro-flora in gut, resulting for better digestion.
  • The probiotics produce lactic acid, which inhibits development of pathogenic germs.
  • Supplement of Na+ & K+ ions to balances electrolytes in cases of dehydration due to diarrhea, pyrexia, …
  • Prevention of GI diseases, digestive disturbance, diarrhea due to different reasons: colibacillosis, salmonellosis, coccidiosis.
  • Stimulating the growth rate, increasing the digestion of protein and hydroxyl-carbon
  • Increasing milk lactation in sows, cows.
  • Improvement of rearing results, feed conversion ratio (FCR).  



Oral administration via drinking water or feed

  • Preventive dose: 10 g per 10 liters of drinking water (equivalent to 1 g/5-10 kg b.w) or 500-700 g per 100 kg of feed, daily, thorough rearing period.
  • Therapeutic dose:use the same as the preventive dose

+ Transportation, hot weather: use for 3-5 times, weekly.

+ Diarrhea, infectious diseases, vaccination: use for 5-7 consecutive days


STORAGE: Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

SHELF-LIFE: 24 months


PRESENTATION: Sachet of 1kg