Each ml contains:
Povidone Iodine                100 mg
Glycerine 100 mg
Excipient q.s.f
1 ml


Han-­Iodine   10%   is   the   most   powerful   and   broad-­spectrum   dis-­infectant  with  rapid  and  long-­lasting  germicidal  action,  but  non-­corrosive,  non-­staining  and  low  toxicity.

-­   All   veterinary   disinfection:   livestock   housing,   farm   buildings, poultry  industry,  including  hatcheries,  environments.

-­  Disinfection  of  dairy,  milking  equipments,  abattoirs,  meat  processing  plants,  food  processing,  preparation  industries.

-­  Treatment  of  skin    infections  caused  by  viruses,  bacteria,  protozoa,  fungi,  yeast...

-­  As  veterinarians’  antiseptic  in  practice,  teat  dip  or  spray.


-­   Routine   disinfection:   Dissolve   1   liter   of   Han-­Iodine   10%   into 100-­250  liters  water  and  spray  all  surface  of  environments,  facilities,  equipments.

-­  Epidemic  disinfection:  1  liter  per  50-­80  liters  water,  2-­3  times weekly.

-­  Topical  antiseptic:  Use  undiluted  of  preparation,  once  daily,  for 2-­3  times.

-­  Teat  dip  or  spray:  Dilute  1  volume  with  2  volumes  water.



SHELF-LIFE 2 years
STORAGE In cool, dry place, protected from light

Plastic  bottle  of  1  liter, 3 liters.