Each ml contains
Lincomycin (as hydrochloride)
      50 mg
Gentamicin (as sulfate)       50 mg
Excipient q.s.f
          1 ml



For the treatment of the following mycoplasma and bacterial infections in pigs, pre-ruminants caused by organisms susceptible to Lincomycin and/or Gentamicin, such as swine dysentery, mycoplasma and bacterial pneumonia, arthritis, erysipelas, and enteritis.



- Horses, ruminants and rabbits.

- Animals with impaired renal fuctions.



I.M. or S.C injection

- Pigs, sheep and goats:

1 ml/10 kg b.w. May be repeated at intervals of 24 hours for 3-7 days as required.

- Cattle:

1 ml/10 kg b.w, twice for the first day, followed by once daily, for 2-4 days

Meat: 10 days 
  Milk: 2 day (4 milkings)
SHELF-LIFE 2 years.
STORAGE In cool, dry place, protected from light
PRESENTATION Vial of 100 ml