Each ml contains
Oxytetracycline (as hydrochloride)       50 mg
Bromhexin hydrochloride         3 mg
Lidocaine hydrochloride       10 mg
Excipient q.s.f
         1 ml



For the treatment of infectious diseases caused by OTC sensitive microorganisms in the respiratory, gastrointestinal and utero-genital tract, as well as soft tissues, septic conditions, secondary infections in all species:

- Pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, pasteurellosis, colibacillosis, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, anaplasmosis, swine erysipelas.

- M.M.A syndrome in sows: enterotoxemia, pyelonephritis, foot-rot, infectious arthritis, post-operative wounds.

+ S.C. or I.M. injection. Average dose: 1ml/10 kg b.w once daily, for 3-5 days.

- Large animals:                                   6-8 ml/100 kg b.w

- Pigs, goats, calves:                              4-5 ml/50 kg b.w

- Dogs, cats:                                          1-1.5 ml/5 kg b.w

Meat: 15 days 
  Milk: 2 days (4 milkings)
SHELF-LIFE 2 years.
STORAGE In cool, dry place, protected from light
PRESENTATION Vial of  100 ml