• As an agriculture-based developing economy, Vietnam is well known for the symbol of the water buffaloes as the very first valuable asset for a farmer to start a business. With the traditional image of buffalo horns integrated into the HANVET logo, the company is representing its assumed obligation to help farmers improve the productivity and parturition of animals during the past three decades.
  • HANVET GMP-WHO Veterinary pharmaceutical factory
  • Gonadorelin acetate 100 mcg/ml
    Treatment and prevention of cystic ovaries, delayed ovulation and improvement of post-partum fertility.
  • Marbofloxacin 10% injection
    Special treatment of respiratory diseases in large animals.
  • Tulathromycin 10% injection
    Particular treatment of acute respiratory infection by a single dose only. Long acting for 15 days.
  • Probiotic feed supplement
    Improvement of immunity and digestive system, supporting treatment for mastitis in dairy cattle.